Privacy Policy

David P. Cho Immigration Services, LLC., its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, employees, representatives, and agents (hereinafter "DCHO") uses personally identifiable information to permit it to contact members and interested visitors regarding the company’s activities, services and products; to permit members to contact each other directly; and to process requests and order forms. The DCHO website may be used to order products and services, pay certain fees, and reserve and pay for consultations or programs. These activities are conducted in a secure environment. DCHO may provide contact information on its website of members who have provided that information, and the contact information is accessible on the password-protected portion of the website designed for members-only access. We share your personal information only with companies with whom DCHO sponsors products and services for the benefit of its members. DCHO may collect nonpersonal information through use of cookies, which are small pieces of information used to recognize repeat visitors and help provide access to the content of the DCHO website. DCHO does not use this information for any commercial purpose and does not make it available to third parties. DCHO may provide the opportunity for members to join forums, discussion groups, listservs, electronic mailing lists or similar online activity. Each such communication, and group e-mails transmitted by DCHO, allow the recipient to unsubscribe. DCHO is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any website linked through the DCHO website.