About Us

Since the weeks after September 11, 2001, David Cho has devoted his expertise to helping immigrants with their immigration and visa problems. Just days after that fateful day – while the dust and debris from the attack covered the streets and buildings of New York City adjacent to the site where the World Trade Center had stood just days before – Mr. Cho worked to help people devastated by the terrorist bombing. Just blocks from “ground zero”, he stood with other attorneys and accountants volunteering their time to help victims apply for and receive FEMA assistance in the wake of the most devastating attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor. As the stench of death and destruction lingered in the air, Mr. Cho began helping people –  immigrants and Americans alike – whose livelihood, belongings and family had been lost … to help recover and move on. Since that fateful day, Mr. Cho has continued to help immigrants and aliens continue to reach for the American Dream.